Look after your mind and body with a wonderfully rejuvenating massage with a member of our highly trained professional team.

It Is a magical experience! A combination of slow movements such as kneading, long strokes and rubbing with aromatic oils encourage the body to eliminate toxins, relieve tension and tiredness and get into very deep relaxation.
It uses patterns of strokes and deep finger pressure on parts of the body where muscles are tight or knotted, focusing on layers of muscle deep under the skin. This massage relieves muscle tension and also stimulates blood circulation.

Two people at the same time, in the same room, is a great experience!. Ideal for partners, friends or family members. Share your experience and enjoy together.

Couples Oil  relaxing  massage     55′  122 €

Couples deep tissue massage   55′ 134€

Couples  relaxing / deep tissue 55′ 128€

This treatment uses acupressure and massage to stimulate reflex areas located on the feet. These areas correspond to different parts of the body. The main benefit of reflexology is relaxation and to strengthen the whole nervous system.
This heavenly treatment uses heated volcanic basalt stones and oil. The combination of heat and massage reduces muscular tension, soothes the nervous system and relieves stress and emotional fatigue.
Is an ancient Indian Therapy that focuses on relaxation. Used to treat stress, pain and body imbalance. Very relaxing massage.

Is an ancient Indian Therapy that focuses on relaxation. Used to treat stress, pain and body imbalance. 

This treatment helps the body to prepare or recover from a great physical effort. Is a fusion of different styles of Massages. Firm pressure, stretching, keading and manipulation of muscles, joint mobilization… The Massage Therapist will be focusing in the area that you need. 



Now we offer Eli mobile Massage Service in Lagos and surrounding areas at your home or hotel.



Located in the historic center of Lagos. Eli Massage Lagos is 5 minutes walk from the main taxi rank and next to the main square. Parking is available nearby.